Laser Lipo Machines

Laser Lipo Machines

Laser lipo is an amazing development in the realm of the Fat Loss Industry. Rather than undergoing costly, painful, and dangerous surgeries, or going on many diets that just do not work, clients who are looking to lose fat fast can undergo this non-invasive and efficient procedure. Laser lipo trims waist lines and cuts down excess fat easily and quickly, giving clients outstanding results.

The unique AW3 Slim Light machines can reduce body fat by 5-15cm after only one treatment! We do this through innovative technologies, high quality manufacturing, and easy-to-use software.

Other laser lipo machines are inferior because they use only one chip for the whole machine. The AW3 machines dedicate an individual driver to each lamp, meaning that lamp output is more stable, resistant, and controllable. Our unique radiator gear and powerful cooling system work together to keep the lamps from overheating and being permanently damaged, so they are guaranteed to outlast and outperform machines with cheap parts and outdated technology.

The AW3 laser lipo systems offer a one-of-a-kind cavitation handle that boosts performance by offering a bonus Radio Frequency handle. Converting fat cells into liquid instantly through two different techniques, this dual feature handle enhances your client’s results at the touch of a button. Instead of only applying ultrasound technology, like most cavitation handles, the AW3 cavitation handles layer on an additional monopolar radio frequency technology to skyrocket fat-burning power. The Radio Frequency technology also offers Bi Polar and Tri Polar services for wrinkle reduction and non-surgical facelifts. IPL machines can perform this task, but they can’t match the results of the Bi Polar Radio Frequency, because it alternates between high and low frequency currents over 1,000 times per second!

  • Superior Quality – Pairing world class technology with household names in manufacturing such as Mitsubishi has made the AW3 machines some of the most durable, high-quality machines out there. They are built to last!
  • Innovation – Constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. Allwhite3000 is the first to discover new technologies like the dedicated individual drivers and dual cavitation handle that produce unprecedented results.
  • Outstanding Results –. With unique innovations and authentic quality in the Allwhite3000 machines, clients are able to achieve 50% more results! We have designed machines around real results!

Laser Lipo Training

Our brand-name and tried and true hardware is then combined with user-friendly designs and a brilliant, simple to use touch screen system that allows you to perform treatments quickly and effortlessly, focusing on your clients instead of wasting time with confusing buttons. This paired with advanced training will help your business succeed. Training is carried out by accredited trainers worldwide.
Learn from the best in the business, so that you can become the best in the business!