Super IPL Machines

Super IPL Machines

Your client wants hairless, flawless skin, and with Allwhite3000’s Super IPL machines, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

Hair removal is a booming industry, and it’s no surprise. Getting rid of unwanted hair has historically been difficult, time-consuming, and even painful. Now it can be done in an instant, and unlike shaving, clients can enjoy hair free skin for more than just a week!

Not all Hair Removal machines could treat everybody safely and effectively, so Allwhite3000 got to work developing a solution. What they came up with is a hair removal system that consistently produces incredible results for everyone at a price you can afford!

The Allwhite3000 Super IPL machines takes the best of Hair Removal Technology and makes it even better, while implementing brand name parts and quality design to create a product that truly delivers.

Superior Quality – Our core components come from world-renowned manufacturers like Samsung, Mitsubishi Japan, and Heraeus Germany. Pair that with our sleek UK design and development, and you’ve got a top-of-the-line machine.

Innovation – Always paving the way towards new technology, the Super IPL machines our truly innovative. Exchanging the unsafe single-pulse mode of inferior machines for an improved two-pulse mode, functioning at a higher, more targeted frequency range, and filtering out UV and infrared light are just a few of the ways Allwhite3000 has transformed Hair Removal Technology.

Outstanding Results – Our Super IPL machines work 10 times faster than IPL machines, and unlike the others, they can treat more difficult skin types such as tanned skin, dark skin, and white hair. Finish a full leg treatment in 15 minutes flat that leaves your client’s skin looking better than ever.

Super IPL Training

At AllWhite3000, we believe in the power of a good mentor.

That’s why you will have access to the best talent in the industry right at your fingertips. Highly-knowledgeable and accredited trainers will empower you with the best techniques in hair removal so that you can get the most out of your Super IPL machine.

Contact your local Allwhite3000 distributor and take your business to the next level.