Comet 2™

Comet 2™ whitening accelerator- high intensity cold light rapidly speeds up the whitening process to give you the highest degree of whitening result. The light filtered out all harmful UV and infrared radiation providing a safe treatment without any irritation to the nerve of your teeth.

Unlike any other on the market, the system has a unique 3 light sources, blue, red and purple. The user can adjust the suitable wavelength to suit the customer’s teeth for a better result. The machine is aluminium constructed for extra strength, light weight and robust for technicians on the move. It will fit easily in a small car for mobile technicians as well as technicians renting out rooms. it is ideal for people who will offer both home visits and at fixed locations. If good care is taken, this machine will last a lifetime without maintenance. Great technology and design with a colour touch screen control panel, the quality is outstanding compared to any of its range.


Comet 2™ – Teeth Whitening System with 3 Light Source

Product Feature

  • High quality aluminium frame design, adjustable angles and height easily
  • 5- inch touch display – Easy operation with multi-functional
  • Four light source output selection: Blue,Red,Blue+Red+Purple,Blue+Purple
  • Three-stage power output selection: User can select a different power output according to the customer’s condition.
  • Treatment time can range from 1-30mins
  • Total machine working time can be locked/ cleared
  • Auto sleep/ standby if the machine is not in use after 60 seconds.
  • Disposable sheath for extra protection. This help to prevent cross-infection and is convenient for users.

Technical Parameters

  • Broad Spectrum:450nm~510nm(Blue Light) 620nm~640nm(Red Light) 380nm~420nm(Purple Light)
  • Voltage: AC: 100V~240V
  • Light source: 4~5W/Pc(Blue Light); 2~3W/Pc(Red Light); 1W/Pc(Purple Light).

Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 46×67×20cm- 11kg
Material box: 30 x 15 x 25cm- 4kg
Shipping Charging Weight: 15kg

Manufacturing Process

Allwhite3000 innovate the latest technology and implements the most precise manufacturing processes for our machines. Design and development take place in the UK where core components from leading brands such as Samsung, Dilas, Heraeus Germany, Mitsubishi Japan are being used for the AW3 machines.

Our Innovations

The quality are defined by hardware and software, working harmoniously together to offer a superior treatment results and we continue to refine this experience to offer an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation for the technician.

Innovative technology, branded parts, beautiful design and quality build- This has dramatically pushed the boundaries for our machines leading Allwhite3000 into a new era of Laser precision.

Machines are made to order in our factory. Items will be shipped immediately after 7 days of receiving cleared payments. Worldwide delivery service available.