What We Do…

We are one of of the largest manufacturers of Laser and beauty machines. We build our machines and products to suppliers, distributors and clinics around the world including North America, Europe and Asia. Not just a manufacturer of beauty and medical machines, we also offer various treatments and training within our own clinics worldwide. With this hands on skills and years of experience, we can pass on the knowledge to business owners to be more successful than their competitors.

Who we are…

Hollywood Whitening is part of the AW3 Group, we have a loud voice within the Laser industry within the last 2 decades. We are the people who train and qualify the dentists, the doctors and the aesthetic salons to use our laser equipment and products. Our aim is to provide high quality products and machinery to businesses as well as our own clinics. Providing the average consumers best results will encourage business owners to invest further into our laser machinery and products.

Are your staff qualified?

Anyone who wish to use our machinery has to undergo an intensive training with our qualified and experienced trainers. If you are unsure whether the technician is qualified with us or not, always ask for their certification number so you can verify this on our website using the qualification check portal. Don’t risk having your treatment ruined by an amateur, at Hollywood Whitening you have the peace of mind knowing that your treatment is carried out by fully qualified professionals with many years of experience.

Why is our treatment more affordable?

Performing a high volume of treatments with clinics worldwide, we are able to offer our clients an affordable price because we specialise in laser and light technology. Advanced technology can cut down costs such as downtime, maintenance or delays which older machines tends to have a problem with. Furthermore, AW3 Group is the manufacturer of Laser machines and products, giving us the position as a leading wholesaler. Our equipment is a first class medical device and is the most advanced technology available today. We do not use gimmick units or matrix lights to cut costs of treatments. Our company’s objective is to continuously update the best available technology and products for our clients.

Working with highly trained, professional and experienced doctors, we have safely and efficiently carried out many successful treatments, probably making us one of the most trustworthy and committed company. All our doctors and professionals are registered with the AW3 Group, with fully comprehensive specialist malpractice insurance so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Our machine pricing and distributing

We are the manufacturer so we can afford to offer much lower price than other suppliers or resellers. Our price is reasonable but our machines are at the highest quality using the best branded parts such as Samsung, Mitsubishi components and Dilas Germany. We don’t sell cheap systems as the parts are very poorly made and the results are not effective to the client, which in turns give our very own clinics a bad reputation. Aswell as selling directly to the consumers at wholesale price, we offer sales to distributors and resellers worldwide.

Training & Business

For business minded people who wish to become part of Hollywood Whitening- AW3 Group, please send your details to us by filling out the form on the contact page.