The Galaxy Laser™ is the most advanced whitening unit currently available today. Not just LED or halogen light source, this system is believed to be the first and only Laser Diode machine ever made for teeth whitening. With years of development in Laser and IPL technology, this medical grade system is designed and developed by  a group of Laser engineers with pure laser power and results in mind.

This diode laser system is ideal for fixed location / in clinic use. Not only the machine output is extremely powerful, it is also a stylish looking and a heavy duty system. It is more solid and robust looking than any other system. The mobility of the machine makes it more convenient and easy to operate. Using low-voltage electricity (24 volts) for added safety, a digital timer shows the stage of the process and automatically stops the machine when the treatment is complete. The cooling control system keeps the machine operating at peak efficiency.

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Product Description

Galaxy Laser™

This is the fist actual Laser Diode teeth whitening system ever built. The super powerful 620-760nm wavelength will guarantee to leave other systems behind when it comes to achieving the whitest result. This machine will truly make a statement to any salon or dental offices wanting something out of the extraordinary.
Light source A: High-energy Blue light LED
Wavelength: 490~520nm
Light source B: High-energy Red Laser Diode Light
Wavelength: 620~760NM
Voltage: AC90~240V,50/60Hz

Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 120×30×20cm- 10kg
Base Box: 50 x 50 x 50cm- 15kg
Material box: 30 x 15 x 25cm- 4kg
Shipping Charging Weight: 30kg

Manufacturing Process

Allwhite3000 innovate the latest technology and implements the most precise manufacturing processes for our machines. Design and development take place in the UK where core components from leading brands such as Samsung, Dilas, Heraeus Germany, Mitsubishi Japan are being used for the AW3 machines.

Our Innovations

The quality are defined by hardware and software, working harmoniously together to offer a superior treatment results and we continue to refine this experience to offer an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation for the technician.

Innovative technology, branded parts, beautiful design and quality build- This has dramatically pushed the boundaries for our machines leading Allwhite3000 into a new era of Laser precision.

Machines are made to order in our factory. Items will be shipped immediately after 7 days of receiving cleared payments. Worldwide delivery service available.