Bullet S Line™

Super IPL System
Fire up your business

The AW3 Bullet S Line™ system efficiently and safely:
  • Removes unwanted hair using Super Intense Pulsed Light.
  • Rejuvenates the skin.
Pain Free
 Advantages of SUPER IPL (in comparison to IPL)
  • Single-pulse mode which emits energy more evenly on the treatment area, compared to IPL which focuses energy on the first pulse which can put the client at risk of burning.
  • Filtering for UV and infrared light.
  • DEC technology automatically identifies the treatment settings which simplifies operation. This also ensures maximum safety and avoids misuse of settings.
  • Higher frequency range (1-10Hz) which accelerates operation speed and shortens treatment time.
  • Professional 640-950nm wavelength which is shorter than the standard 640-1200nm, meaning it delivers precise and less painful treatments. (See diagram)
  • Stable and consistent energy output.
  • Longer life expectancy. 
Super IPL Changes the traditional complex wavelength of IPL. Energy + Pulse width + Frequency of Super IPL is more stable, therefore providing much safer treatment to produce 3-5 times better results than traditional IPL.
Stability of Super IPL energy can avoid scalding of the skin tissues. The energy of traditional IPL is unstable where the wave decreases. At the highest energy, it is easy to burn the skin, and at the lowest wave, the treatment results is not as effective.
Every pulse of Super IPL technology releases the same energy. The first three pulse of IPL have good treatment results, after which the wave decreases which will produce a lower treatment results.
To Conclude, Super IPL energy is stable and the wave does not decrease. Traditional PL energy decreases in stability at every pulse.
Full chest treatment in 5 minutes
  • Intuitive user interface designed around treatments for ease of use.
  • Touch screen.
  • Super Fast Treatment Speed
  • No Pain
  • Treat Sun Tanned Skin 
  • Automatic flash setting.
  • Exceptional engineering.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Phenomenal Treatment Results
  • Precision-focused.
  • Superior standard quality.
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