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AW3® Schnelle Laser™


Product Description

The AW3® Schnelle Laser™ offers hair removal for all skin types. If your business is purely hair removal only and you want just that extra results that no other machine can offer, we suggest you go for Laser hair removal instead of IPL or Super IPL systems. Although some laser systems are not as effective as IPL if the machine is using older 90’s technology or the specifications are incorrect.

If hair removal is your only aim and you want the absolute diamond standard, then the Schnelle Laser is the system for you. It is not possible for 1 type of laser technology to do all skin treatments as each laser is designed to target each skin condition to a precision, so for a diamond result, you will need to have 5-6 types of laser machines. If you are looking for a machine that does multiple skin conditions aswell as hair removal then we suggest you go for our IPL or Super IPL systems instead of lasers, although it is not comparable to lasers and has other disadvantages, but the advantage is that it is multi-functional. Choosing the right equipment and training is the key to a successful business, so let us build the right system for you.

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Sizes and Dimensions

Machine Box: 73×58×54cm- 42kg
SCW: 46kg

Schnelle Laser™

The fastest hair removal system

Virtually Pain Free

The AW3 Schnelle Laser is a laser diode hair removal machine which uses the latest ICE Freezing technology to bring painless treatments on all skin types
  • Advanced Crystal Freeze™ innovation to numb treatment area.
  • Maximum comfort for client with no risk of burning or typical side effects of IPL hair removal.
  • Unbeatable 10Hz super-fast speed means significantly shorter treatment time – the fastest available in the industry.

Suitable for all skin types- Including sun tanned skin!

  • Glide-motion handle allows for extremely fast treatment where all hair follicles are heated evenly without exception.
  • Liquid Cooling technology.
  • Autoflash.
  • Intuitive user interface designed around treatments for ease of use.
  • Touch screen.
  • Exceptional engineering.
  • Outstanding durability.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Precision-focused.
  • Superior standard quality.

Full chest hair removal in 5 minutes


The science of how our machines work cannot simply be summarised into one brochure, but here is brief and useful summary of how the laser achieves all that it does.

A concentrated beam of light is aimed at the hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment contained which damages the follicle enough to stop future growth. As new hair growth cycles start, additional treatments are required to remove those hairs too, and eventually hairlessness will be achieved. 

Crystal Freeze™ innovation to numb the treatment area, clients will be extremely comfortable during the pain free hair removal treatment. It is almost impossible to burn the skin with this system due to the fast repetition rate. With good training and innovative technology, businesses can rest assured that clients will achieve excellent results in less treatment sessions compared to any other technology today.

The Schnelle system will take hair removal to another level, giving clients the ultimate result that conventional laser systems cannot deliver.

Liquid Cooling™ Technology cool down the head, together with auto flashes at a supersonic speed. There are no delay in treatment speed as the 10HZ gliding motion heats all hair follicles evenly so that nonce are missed out, producing a better result for the client.   


Designed and manufactured in the UK in collaboration with renowned global brands.

Don’t fall victim to counterfeit products!
Machine authenticity can be verified on the AW3 official website.


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Machine specifications and design may change at any time to improve performance.

Manufacturing Process

Allwhite3000 innovate the latest technology and implements the most precise manufacturing processes for our machines. Design and development take place in the UK where core components from leading brands such as Samsung, Dilas, Heraeus Germany, Mitsubishi Japan are being used for the AW3 machines.

Our Innovations

The quality are defined by hardware and software, working harmoniously together to offer a superior treatment results and we continue to refine this experience to offer an intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation for the technician.

Innovative technology, branded parts, beautiful design and quality build- This has dramatically pushed the boundaries for our machines leading Allwhite3000 into a new era of Laser precision.

If you are looking to buy between 1-5 machines, please contact your nearest sale or distribution centre. If you are interested in supplying, distribution and bulk orders of 5+ machines, please send us your background and business proposal on the contact page.

Machines are made to order in our factory. Items will be shipped after 7 days of receiving cleared payments. Worldwide delivery service available.